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Abbey Meadows Community Primary SchoolGrowing Together

About our Nursery

We will provide a safe, happy and loving environment where all children, parents, carers and staff can learn and grow together.

Our Nursery Values


  • To establish strong and secure relationships between children, parents and staff which will enable each child to grow in confidence and develop self esteem and develop a positive outlook on learning.
  • To value and nurture each child’s curiosity, creativity and desire to make sense of the world through a run and relevant curriculum and the provision of a safe, stimulating and challenging learning environment.
  • To provide resources, experiences and activities  which will support all children as active learners and motivate and inspire  them to  be independent in their thinking and make progress with their learning.
  • To provide all children and their families with opportunities to develop knowledge and respect towards the religions, faiths, cultures and beliefs of others.
  • To foster positive home school relationships  which support all children and their families in making a confident transition from home to Nursery and from Nursery into the next phase of their education and establish strong links with the local community.

The Learning Journey


By observing and noting down each child’s achievements in a ‘Learning Journey’ we can plan for their progress within the nursery setting and ensure a smooth transfer to primary school.


We encourage and welcome the opportunity this provides to work cooperatively with parents, who are invited to help us in the process by regularly looking at and contributing to the Learning Journeys by emailing pictures of achievements or by completing an ‘I Love Learning’ cards. In this way, we can build a picture of each child’s achievements during their time at our nursery.


Parents are also encouraged to provide photos, drawings, or examples of work to celebrate their child’s interests and achievements at home. These are recorded on ‘I Love Learning’ cards. These can be brought into Nursery and attached to the Learning Tree in the Nursery entrance or can be e-mailed to Nursery staff.


Our School Day


Morning Session Start Time


Morning Session Home Time


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Afternoon Session Start Time


Afternoon Session Home Time


Term Dates


Our term dates are the same as the school.