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Absence Notification

If your child is unwell or has a medical appointment please inform the school office before 9:10am on the day of the illness/appointment.
The school office will contact parents/carers if notification of absence has not been provided.
As part of our continued work to improve school attendance we write to parents/carers on a monthly basis should their child’s attendance prove to be cause for concern. Our minimum target for school attendance is 95%, which roughly translates to a child missing one day of school every four weeks. Poor school attendance will undoubtedly impact on your child’s levels of progress and attainment.
Current research suggests that unless attendance issues are resolved early they will affect future employment prospects. For example, a child with 80% attendance has missed one year of school by the time they are 9 years old and two years by the time they finish secondary school.

Holidays in term time will not be authorised by school. If you choose to take your child on holiday during term time it will be recorded as unauthorised absence in the register.
In some other circumstances, such as family events eg. Birth of a sibling, a wedding or educational activity such as a sporting or music exam absence may be authorised by a member of the School Leadership Team up to a total of 5 days in any one school year. A notification form can be downloaded here  or a hard copy can be picked up from the school office.
Every week we award certificates to the classes who have achieved 100% attendance. We also award house points for attendance and certificates and prizes for children who had 100% attendance each term and for the whole school year.
If your child becomes ill whilst at school we may need to contact you quickly. Please ensure that the school office has your correct contact details.
Please note school staff are not permitted to administer medicines. If your child needs medication during the day you will need to come into school to do this or time the doses so they can be given before and after school. If your child is self-administering their medication we will need to receive written authorisation from home with any necessary details; this should be addressed to the Headteacher.
If your child has a long term medical issue please come and discuss this with school staff so that we can make any necessary arrangements to support their time at school.
If your child has asthma you will need to complete the School Asthma Card. Asthma inhalers are kept in classrooms to be used as and when needed.
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