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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

This term Year 3 have been learning about:

United Kingdom

In our first unit we were learning about the United Kingdom, we started by creating Paper Mache models of the United Kingdom showing mountains, rivers and key cities. We used this experience to write a non-chronological report about the country. Next we focused on our geographical skills and using a compass. We wrote instructions that would navigate someone around our school giving our directions in North, South, East and West. Finally we looked close to home and wrote poems about locations in Cambridge, such as the Mathematical Bridge and the Botanical Gardens, inspired by Michael Rosen’s visit and his poem The Listening Lions.


Healthy Eating    

Our second unit in the Autumn Term was all about healthy eating; we have been looking at what makes a balanced diet and the important roles each of the food groups plays in our diets. We started this unit with a sandwich tasting, making notes and rating the different sandwiches tasted. This lead to our first piece of writing which was a review of all the sandwiches we ate. After this experience, we thought about what sandwiches we would like to eat and created a recipe for our dream sandwich. At the end of the unit we used all of our knowledge to write a discursive argument giving reasons for and against having a healthy lifestyle.




After seeing the Robin Hood pantomime in school, Year 3 wrote newspaper articles with details about the afternoon including eyewitness testimony from pupils and teachers.    


Nest half term we will be learning about The Stone Age.