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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Hello from all of the Year 4 staff!


Hello from the Year 4 staff!!

From the left we have Mrs Hunt (Teaching Assistant), Mrs Holman (4S Class Teacher), Mrs Smith (4A Class Teacher), Mrs Hart (4M Class Teacher), Mrs Newstead (Teaching Assistant), Mrs Fernandez (Teaching Assistant) and Mrs Islam (Teaching Assistant).


Our current topic in Year 4 is the Anglo Saxons!



We had an amazing day at Marshalls for their Stars Launchpad Engineering Day. The children took part in groups and collaborated to build chariots (which they raced!), parachutes, kit cars and many more fun activities which they thoroughly enjoyed. They also went on a site tour and saw behind the scenes at Marshalls. The teachers were challenged to build a bridge from balsa wood, which they achieved.....eventually!

We had a fabulous 'Pirate Day' on 26th May and learnt all about real pirates, like Blackbeard - Edward Teach.  Charlotte said, "I enjoyed dressing up and drawing a treasure map with physical or human features like a volcano, boat, caves, X for treasure, whirlpool etc."  


Here's  Mrs Holman's joke...


Where do pirates go shopping?